Now what?

Had a phone call this morning from the rheumatology nurse to tell me to stop the MTX immediately as my blood results show liver toxicity. Kinda glad in a way as I seem to have been ill one way or another on top of everything else since I started it.

Got to have bloods checked for the next few weeks then speak to her again.

So now what? Does anyone know if there are drugs for RA that don't affect your liver?

Getting bored with this now, mostly bored with me whinging all the time : )


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  • Don't know what they will do in your case moira but a rest from mtx sounds like a good idea.

    There are plenty more dmards other than mtx to help so maybe when u have recovered in a few weeks they might try you with another one, I got sulphasalasine which was ok for me.

    Sometimes with RA you go one step back to go two forward I have found , hope you feel better soon xx

  • Thank you allanah, it's all so confusing. I don't think I've had a day since starting the MTX when I felt well really. If it wasn't that it would help further disfigurement I was thinking of packing it in. Bit premature probably as I had only been 3-4 weeks on it, but it did nothing for the pain, I felt nauseous quite often, and beyond tired. So difficult to work out which are symptoms now of RA, MTX, or liver toxicity.

  • So true, but when the mtx and liver settle down you can try maybe another drug? But mtx doesn't seem to suit you, so keep on with the painkillers till you phone them next maybe if u r allowed with your liver results, obviously check with them xxxxx

  • Livers are very good about bouncing back, so should bloods should be normal again soon'ish. And there are other things to try, so please don't let it put you off. One of the many frustrating things about this disease is how long it can take to find the best drug combination for you - there's no single answer that works for all of us. And each one takes months to work or not as they case may be, so finding out MTX doesn't suit you so quickly is actually quite good! And also shows that your rheumy team are on the ball and are keeping an eye on your blood results, so good for them. Oh, and active RA does make you feel rubbish, it's not just about painful joints. hang on in there, it will improve in time. Polly

  • Poor you, you are in the wars! Lets hope the facial swelling goes down anyway.

  • gold injections not bad for liver.. more likely affect kidneys if this is a help.. didnt affect anything but unfortunately it stopped working for me x

  • Sorry, took a day out for rest and self pity, didn't like it much so I'm back.

    Thank you for the support


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