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several questions regarding medication and surgery

has any one had a removal of the whole knee cap for RA a long time ago and also been told that they Have eposodic RA just curious I know i was told my body has taken a allergy to its self and destroying itself the question is so when I see the doctor again I have the answer to why my knee cap was removed I have been told they do not do it any more also after a lot of years I have at last been given painkillers for my RA be it co-proxamol it works has anyone else had this painkiller as I have been told it been removed from the list of perscribed medication and if so are there any side affects as I have no paper work on this drug and thank you all in the past who have helped me its a lifeline just to let know

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removed but used on named patient basis, I could sleep for england on it.. good pain killer ,but removed because some patients overdosed accidently.. it can knock you out so may be in a confused drowsy state the forget that they has already too some.. its nearest equivalent still prescribed is co-dydramol..( co -proxamol used to be called distalgesic


Thank you for your reply I tried co-dydramol but had some really naughty side effects so Ill be careful with these tablets thank you again


I think most people's RA is episodic to a greater or lesser extent. Have you see a consultant rheumatologist or tried DMARDs or biologics yet? I don't know that much about pain medicines or knee replacements sorry. Tilda x


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