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Medication question


I was diagnosed with RA last fall. I have been on methotrexate with steroids since being diagnosed. It has worked for the most part but it seems that I get a flare up of my RA symptoms when I finish the steroids. I don't want to stay on steroids long term and my doctor has recommended trying a biologic. I know everyone's experience is different but has anyone experienced this and switched to a biologic and had good results? It should be noted that my flares aren't horrible, just uncomfortable pain in my hands mostly and some in my knee and up my arms. I don't know if I am being a baby and need to suck it up or if there is a medication out there that will completely take away my symptoms. I guess I just don't really know what to expect.

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Yes I'm the same and no better even though been on benapali for 4 mths mtx 18mths no t helped go bk on steroids and it settles goin hospital tues to see abt changing it .

It's difficult when coming off steroids to know how much is the effect of coming off the steroids (which gives me muscle and joint pain, depression and fatigue) and how much the re-appearance of the rheumatoid disease. I guess that you have to give it a short interval to see if the withdrawal effects of coming off the steroids persists and is true continuation of your disease causing pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Yes there are definitely other medications that can help, also herbal meds. I've had RA since I was 16, I'm now 48. I started on methotrexate was on it for 10 years, my body started rejecting it and RA always flared up, have been on biological ever since - amazing - started with one which was an infusion, now on benepali, brilliant drug, my RA completely under control, but another secret I'll share with u. Started taking forever living aloe Vera juice two years ago and for last year have had no pain killers or anti inflammatory meds, the two together work like a treat :) all the best x

akneilsen, I would encourage you to look into the Gundry protocol.

My second autoimmune was polymyalgia rheumatica (hypothyroidism my first). I was put on steroids for the PMR then went thru a diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer before my RA started to kick in, though my RA primarily affected my left ankle.

I was on methotrexate for 14 months but was able to get off of it in September of 2017 after going gluten free and following the Gundry protocol.

I would also recommend that you follow an ongoing thread on the site. The thread is titled "Making the Gundry Protocol Simple." Terrific discussion there as well!

aknielsen in reply to leader585

Thanks! I Will definitely look into the Gundry protocol.Thank you for the suggestions.

I hv had RA plus hip joint spondyletis since I was 14 yrs.After getting married it got rheumatologist put me on methotrax 15mg initially with 8mg steroids pluse Saaz 1gm.but found not much results then he put me on remicad injectable shorts ...little bit improved.But my symptoms dramatically improved with biologics (etacept inj.) I found that great for my body .everyone eles body is diffrent though but steroids never worked for me well instead i put on waight every time I start taking steroids & with horrible flare ups I m 32 years ....taking only Saaz for managing my symptoms but 'yes' I hv changed my life style alot I practice yoga for better joints mobility. So I would say go ahead with biologics .🖒

I have nothing new to report concerning cessation of steroids. I have found Methotrexate to be helpful in combination with biologicals. At one time I didn’t think that Methotrexate added much until I had to discontinue it due to neutropenia. I had the worst flare of my life, but as others have pointed out we’re all different and don’t necessarily respond to medications in the same way.

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