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I went to see my doctor the other day after having to wait two weeks to see him. In which time my sore eyes was nearly better. I was five minutes early but sat to wait for twenty minutes. Now I am not one to complain about our free health service or the work the staff do but I went into to see the doc and told him about my eye and said while I am here can you look at my ears because I have trouble reaching to clean them out I can't hear very well are they blocked. He said OK but this is not Tesco's and you can't come in here with a shopping list, each patient has only ten minutes to see us but I will see what I can do, They only give me a months worth of pills so I have to keep going back for more, they say we can only give one months supply so as not to give to many, for God's sake I have been on these for 14 years and will till I die. Well I did have a nice weekend hope you did too.

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He must of been having a bad day, I only get a months supply at a time and my duregecic patches fortnightly, but my local Boots chemist put the repeats in and give me a call whenthey're ready. They will even deliver them, take them out of the plastic, anything you want.


yes look into precription collection service most places do them eg asda and lloyds pharmacies, some pharmacies eg small local ones and some boot also deliver, I go to a large gp practce, some partners are more generous than others, if you pay as i do play the system get a reasonble supply, also if your gp if bit busy , stressed request more when you have at least two weeks left to build up a small stock but dont over do it, we are encouraged not to hoard medicenes wink wink xx, alison xx


Hi there, my prescriptions are every 28 days, and, like Alison said you can get them delivered from most chemists etc. Like other things including your GP some are more helpful than others!

Getting an appointment, well ,that's just a joke lately.

mand xx


It is a joke 10 minutes! It takes that long for him to sort my prescriptions out then, time to fill in my blood record book and read through all the letters from the hospital.

Leaves no time everytime I go for me to tell him how I am.


My GP's are very good and you do feel like they take more time with you than the token 10mins...mind you, the appointments are always running behind because of this!! It depends if you prefer having to wait to be seen and have a quality visit or be in and out fast but feel no better off!!


The amount of pills they prescribe is silly when you are on them for so long. My old GP prescribed me 8 weeks worth of methotrexate because I have to pay for my prescriptions. He said that was the most amount he was allowed to prescribe by law. I am with another doctor now as I moved and my meds are being reviewed in May so I'm hoping the amount stays the same.


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