referral to endo????

I thought my consultant would have referred me today but was shocked to find that she wouldnt get involved.

I have seen 3 endos who of which were arrogant -and well the appointments did not go great. I cannot tolerate the bog standard Levothyroxine I even tried Eltroxin the purest brand.

I was taking Armour which worked like a dream for me but its all -oooohhh rrrrrrrr- no evedence it works cock and bull. Its like trying to get blood from a stone.

I was wondering if any others were having this issue.

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  • Have you checked out the Health unlocked site Thyroid UK Support? I think you may get more information on there.

    Paula x

  • I've not got thyroid problems but have hieatus hernia problems I was on a drug called nexium for years and it controlled everything fab, the NHS then decided there was no evidence it worked better than the cheaper drugs so I was swapped I then ended up on four different drugs to try and control my stomach issues along with a bottle off gaviscon a week too, I then ended up loosing loads off weight an constantly being sick etc, I was sent for endoscopy again and all my problems had gotten loads worse, hospital put me back on nexium and I've been fine since so in the long run taking it off me must have costs thousands more

  • I thought there was an operation they could do to remedy a haitus hernia Julie? I believe I have one too although not yet had an endoscopy but all symptoms tarry. The whole thing about drug expenditure is so short sighted and nonsensical I agree. My GP even suggested that I try injecting my 17.5 MTX to approximately to release only 15mg seeing as I had two remaining pre filled syringes. He backtracked later when I double checked that I should do this but it really opened my eyes! X

  • There is an operation but I'm apparently high risk and RA is too active to try to operate yet so they try the medication to control it as much as possible

  • Thanks for explaining Julie - I just wondered. Take care xx

  • You too xx

  • Yes the nasty NHS is budget driven !!!, two years ago I SAT in a meeting ( pharmacy)!!, and the Director of Pharmacy..said we must stop the rhuematologists using these expensive drugs!!! and yes we all know which particular drugs they are talking about!!

  • Hi, I also have a hiatus hernia. I started off on Omeprazole which was okay for years but then started to have problems so my GP changed me to Nexium which works fine. Then my surgery wanted me to change back to Omeprazole ( because of the cost) so I went back to my GP and said that I didn't want to change. He told me that for indigestion Omeprazole works exactly the same. I told him that I didn't have indigestion, I have a Hiatus hernia and why on earth would I change back to a medication which didn't work? So after some discussion, he agreed to allow me to remain with the Nexium which I am so glad about. Since being diagnosed with RA a couple of months ago I have been taking Voltarol and I am suffering badly with my stomach so have stopped the Voltarol - it didn't take the pain away anyway! Regarding the operation for a Hiatus hernia - before I became a barrister I was a nurse - and I wouldn't have the surgery unless I couldn't survive without it. It is a huge operation and I know of many people who have been left in a worse state than they were before. Of course, this is just my opinion but I would stick with the drugs and I'm not a person who says that lightly. Clemmie.

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