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I had an arthroscopy (to remove synovitis) about 18 months ago on my right knee which went well but now need another on my left knee :-(

As a result of walking badly over the past few months it has aggravated the right knee which still isn't very strong so I'm struggling with both knees and feeling very miserable. At least I have surgery scheduled for a couple of weeks to hopefully bring some relief. My only worry is that the right knee which had the surgery has been aggravated badly and may need another surgery or could it settle whilst I'm resting after surgery?!

Has anyone been in a similar situation and can help relieve my worries.

Thank you!

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Sorry don't have anything knowledge on this. just wanted to say good luck for the coming surgery. Also have you mentioned any of this to your surgeon, incase he/she maybe able to help resolve the situation. xx


I had a knee replacement on my right knee 4 years a go because of arthritis. The pain is much better but it still gets inflamed due to the RA. This is because the lining of the knee is not removed *& so gets inflamed .

My left knee is damaged as well both to the OA & the RA. I've had an arthroscopy on that knee last Sept , but it is still painful. I'm on Sulpha, Hydroxy, & just started on MTX. I'm hoping that this combination will help the knees, otherwise I shall be heading for a knee replacement on that knee.

It's frustrating isn't it? I used to do so much walking & hill climbing!

I still walk most days but not so far!

good luck


Hi Janeye will the arthroscopy result with the need of a total knee replacement? Forgive the pun....I also have undergone a knee replacement after initial arthroscopy of left knee... very successful now into my 8th year...I have undergone 2 arthroscopies of the right knee and the last one being 6 years ago and unfortunately the right knee will be replaced in the near future... I agree PaulineS it is frustrating wish I would have had both knees done at the same time... Wishing you well with the forcoming up after and apply ice pack when required it works :)


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