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feeling down

I have had ra for 4 years and recently the tierdness has been unbearable. I actually felll asleep at handover one day. I work full time as a midwife and would love to cut my hours but it is not a viable option at present. I was struggling financially before xmas which is now sorted and my cousin passed away just after new year. I was on humira as well as mtx and chloroquinne but that was stopped in october because it really wasn't doing much. My gp has upped my citalopram but all I want to do is sleep. Any suggestions

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Hi Kath

I think the tiredness is one of the worst parts of RA.I'm still working but i've had to cut down my hours as i found it impossible to work full time.It seems to be all about pacing with RA.Have your doctors suggested something to replace the Humira?Maybe the excessive tiredness is your RA not being well controlled.Also losing your cousin will have caused stress which can worsen symptoms.Maybe a chat to your rhuemy nurse may be worthwhile to get some advice?

Take care

Julie x


Poor you - has the tiredness worsened since the RA kicked off 4 years ago or does it just come in episodes/ flares? How do you manage working as a midwife as that is quite a physical job - on your feet, rushing around, leaning over and using your hands a lot - not to mention unsociable hours etc?

Would it be possible to reduce your hours and do the people you work with know about your RA? My hands and wrists haven't been fit for brushing hair or teeth much recently let alone delivering babies?

Is there any direction you could move sideways into so that your salary is unaffected but you don't have to work so physically or could you work as a freelance midwife on your own or as part of a group? I'm sure Julie is right to say that the loss of a close relative probably brought on worse RA as many people say that bereavement can be a trigger for flares etc.

So sorry I can't really advise as I'm new to RA and self-employed but big gentle hug for you anyway. I still remember all the midwives up here who delivered or attended my three labours with deep gratitude! TildaT x


Hello Kath,

That completely draining tiredness is awful isn't it, and what I hate is that I can't predict when I'll feel shattered sometimes and it just hits you without warning. I have found that I manage better when I'm paying attention to looking after myself. So keeping an eye on eating properly, and making sure I sit down for a few minutes from time to time during the day to try to relax, getting outside for a bit of daylight every day, and trying to get as much sleep as I can all helps. But if you've just changed meds then maybe your RA is a bit lively at the moment so dragging you down, and when you get settled on something else it might improve. Hope so. Polly


Thank you all for your advice. When i saw the Consultant she took some blood so with a bit of luck that might give some answers to the tierdness. Thanks again


Kath, have you applied for disability allowance,you can get it despite working full time. Contact the dwp and ask about dla. If you get the forms eggarerate your symptoms on the form,but sounding from your letter that won't be hard. You must rest when you can kath,have you thought about an adminstative roll thereby keeping you in work,but doing what you love best.

I hope you get some relief soon,you might have to go sick for a while to get yourselve some rest and recouperation. I'm sorry to say there is no magic answer to your ra,but there is a way round it at least. Speak to your hr and see what they say,they might have some answers for you.

Take care and rest Kath.

Love Sylvi. xx


Hi kath, poor you. That's the last thing you need on top of everything else. I don't know how you manage your job. I still work but reduced my hours and I work from home which is very helpful but I do sympathise because even with those measures I still feel I need a nap in the day sometimes. So much to couple with. Sylvi's advice about the disability living allowance sounds good because that might give you a bit extra money. Hopefully the consultant will be able to give you something to help. Did she check your B12 levels? I have injections to boost mine and I find they help with my tiredness enormously. Take care, Sarah x


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