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Feeling let down


Well for months now I've been suffering from pain in shoulder and arm my gp thought it was frozen shoulder and sent me for physio they said it was down to my osteoporosis arthritis and referred me for steroid injections, so I have been today to see them about getting it sorted but feel so low now as the physio lady was really nice but then she asked to examine me and when my coat and cardigan was removed she asked me to some things, but then she noticed I had marks and scars on my arms she asked how I got them i was reluctant to answer as I suffer really bad from depression anxiety panic and self harm but she would not carry on till my husband told her, she then went off come back but was offish with me telling me she didn't think injections would help me as I need to sort myself out and deal with what I've got going on as basically I over think my pain me and my husband tried to explain that I only self harm because I'm in pain and can't cope being a burden and not being able to do things but she didn't want to know so what a complete waist of time and I feel so bad now is it really worth

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I have never heard any thing like that. The Physio was making on judgement on your mental health ???? She should have been looking at your shoulder and if she was actually really concerned about your mental state st the examination should have cAlled people to help or assess you.

Dreadful treatment , I would definately complain to the head Physio or patient complaint group at your hospital. And you are no further with your pain . So sad for you.

I think they should have talked this through with you properly. Steroids can affect some people emotionally so she may have been concerned about the effect on you and how it would mix with your anti-depressants. But if that was the case she should have explained! I find the injections ok, but the tablets are awful and make me go rather loopy.

Go back to GP and ask about what else could be done, to refer you to a different physio, or referral to a pain management clinic.

Hi Maxine,

Sorry to hear that you've been so rudely let down.

I'm not sure that the physio had a right to know about the scars as the would not have a baring on your mobility - I have a blessed great scar across my middle and runs almost hip to hip but it has no effect on how much range of movement I have in my shoulders or how much pain... I'd put a complaint in especially as your husband witnessed the exchange...how bloody dare she judge you like that and then refuse to treat!!!

All the best


I agree with the previous posts, definitely complain, you have your husband as a witness. Her behaviour was unforgivable and unprofessional,and disrespectful . How dare she stand in judgement on you, in a field she has no knowledge of. Her behaviour needs to be addressed before she does this to anyone else.

Please also ask your gp to refer you elsewhere,to get the treatment you are entitled to. Best wishes, M xx

So agree with the above comets, the more I read your post the more I feel your treatment is not justified . Take it further if you are strong enough !? Sending hugs X

I'm so sorry this happened to you, Maxine. I'm another person who thinks the physio was completely out of order. I'm annoyed on your behalf! She is not qualified to make judgements about your mental health, and has received a referral to treat you for shoulder pain based on your clinical need - that's what she should have focused on.

Do you have a good relationship with you GP? If so, go back to them and describe what happened, and ask them to help. They might arrange for someone else to do the injection, or they might even be able to do it for you themselves. If you want to complain about that physio, your GP might also do that on your behalf, or contact your local PALS service or Healthwatch, if there is one in your area.

You need that treatment and you shouldn't have to fight to get it, but it looks like you need some back-up now. Good luck!

I thin k you should report her. You were there for her to give you therapy for your shoulder not make a uneducated judgement call on your mental health. If she is a practicing psychiatrists then why is she doing physiotherapy? see how silly she is?

How disgusting. Go back to your GP and tell them everything that has gone on and ask if he will also make a complaint and refer you to someone else. How dare she withhold therapy that has been ordered by your Dr. It is none of her business. I am incensed for you, just disgusting.

Thank you all so much for your support, my daughter and husband are going to be complaining on my behalf, my gp is disgusted and is going to refer me to a pain clinic, so I'm living in hope that I will get the help I need thank you once again xxxxxx

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