Yesterday my right hip was bothering me but after sitting down for awhile it moved to my left wrist & stayed there. It was really bad last night but I couldn't wear my brace as that made it hurt even more. I finally fell asleep but it wasn't a restful sleep.

I dragged myself out of bed this morning & went walking in the mall. We had a really good speed going and everything feels ok today.

I really think the updown weather is affecting me. The nights are in the teens and the days get up to about 35. If it just stayed cold, I could perhaps handle it better. I have to go stand in a line, outside, in an hour. I guess I should start bundling up. I do see many nice people there so it should be worth it. I guess I'll know soon.


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Have you thought to put your hand in water either hot or cold whichever helps you the most. The weather has gone cold here in the midlands and i'm starting to suffer with my joints.

Take care sylvi.xx


Cold weather is not good. I have some pressure gloves that really help in the cold. They support and keep the finger and wrist joints warm. Ask your doctor about Occupational therapy they can provide warm support clothing

Stay warm and safe



It's gone very cold here in the far north-east too and I agree that drops of 10 degrees C in a matter of days [as we've had here] isn't good. I too wish it would just stay one temperature!

I find that cold and damp is the worst combination for me. Cold and crisp I can cope with by wrapping up well in thermal layers:-)

Hope that you have a better night,

Cece x


Hello Christine, Hope you feel a bit better today. I am probably being thick or have misread your blog but why are you standing in a line outside?


Hi Mads, I was standing outside at a FoodNet site. Disability amounts are still below the povery line, so I have had to choose to buy my meds or food, and I picked my meds. So I go once a week to a place that gives out almost/expired foods from grocery stores & healthfood stores & restaurants. We get bread & fruit & vegetables and milk, (some meat) & tons of desserts. Sometimes applesauce & eggs & some vegetarian fake meats. It was really hard for me to admit that I needed the charity, but now I've met a lot of other people who also need it-for various reasons, and I've become friends with them & the Great volunteers.

They have these FoodNets at different locations all over town & every day of the week. I only go on Fridays, because I don't want to take advantage or take someone else's food. I've been going for about 6 months now, and I'm not sure if they let us come inside when there is snow or if it rains. So far, I really can't complain about the weather-except that it finally got cold. At 9 am this morning, it was only 9 degrees. It topped out at about 27 today & the sun was out & there was no wind, so it was tolerable.

Waiting for water to boil, so I can cook some ravioli pasta-that I got today at FoodNet, for supper. It looks & smells good.



Christine, your situation is bad to have to choose between two necessities. It makes me realise how lucky I am to benefit from a great NHS. Thank goodness for these charities but it is a shame that there is a need for them at all. I wish we lived in a more fair world.


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