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hello everyone i'm new on here but have been lurking for a while to try and get some answers as to how i feel, well here goes,


it all started off with lower back painwhich i was told was wear and tear, then i started with pain in my feet, they told me it was connected to my back pain and i got pushed from pillar to post, after many xrays, MRI scans and ultrasound scans i finally got to see a foot and ankle specialist who looked at my symptoms ((tired all the time, foggy,forgetfull ness, pins and needles in hands and feet, cold sores in my nose, pain in hips, knee and wrists, swelliing on ankle and foot, plantar fascittis in other foot, i get so cold and im always shivering only a hot bath will help) and has told me i have got athiritis in one foot and def got an imflammatory disease and has referred me to a rheumatologist, im as stiff as a board and have got no energy what so ever, when the doctor tested me for RA my esr came out fine, sorry for the long rambling post but im so confused, some advice would be so welcome, jue x

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Hi Jue, I'm new to this site and have actually just found the courage to write my first blog within the last hour. I totally relate to the hot bath, showers are a thing of the past for me, too tired and painful to stay standing. The brain fog is a big thing for me also, but I have found this site so helpful and I'm sure you will find the people on here, with a lot more knowledge than me I might add, extremely helpful x

Hi Jue. Welcome to the site. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long to see the rheumatologist who will be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and get you started on some treatment. Not everyone's RA inflammation shows up in their blood results.They need to look at all the symptoms, I had low inflammation levels but a positive rheumatoid factor and anti ccp so that helped with my diagnoses but some people are dignosed without any positive blood results. You've come to the best place for support though. Tracy xx


Hi Jue -at least you are okay to get into the bath and out again which is a big plus as there's nothing like a hot bath I agree but sometimes my wrists are too painful for me to risk it. I too feel the cold terribly but as for the rest - hopefully when you get a diagnosis you will feel much better. As Tracy says there are many different ways that RA and other types of inflammatory arthritis show themselves and bloods are only one way. Like yourself I get a lot of systemic stuff including blisters in the nose and stiffness - but my ESR was pretty high and my Rheumatoid Factor positive which helped - although it still took 9 months from onset to diagnosis and treatment for me. If you get any visible swelling of joints then I really do recommend you photograph them - and if it's only on one side then photo the normal joint too so that the rheumatologist can make a comparison. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Tilda x

Thank you tilda, I can get in and out but it hurts, its my balance aswell, I always feel like im going to fall, the relief it gives me is lovely I crave a spa lol

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