Where did that sun go???

Afternoon everyone..... Hope yr all having a gr8 weekend.... Im currently crocheting a blanket for my 8 yr old princess's bed... Hands and fingers are moaning but im ignoring them.... 3 rd lot of MTX tonight..... Blood test monday.... And pizza hut is ordered... My bum is staying put on the sofa this evening..... Hope yr all comfortablish..... Fingers crossed for sunshine tomorro... X x

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  • Hi Lisa think sun has gone on holiday !!!!!!!!!!! Just painted the fence with oh got miles of the dam stuff fence that is. Think i had as much paint on me then said fence !!!!!!!!!!!

    Now feel not so good what do we get told pace your self what do i think. Will i ever learn x

  • The sun has just arrived in Cornwall! After a few really cold miserable days, it's turned into a pleasant (ish) evening. I'm guessing it's still chilly outside, but the sun is shining, and it feels warm sitting indoors by the window :) (Nothing to do with the glass of wine beside me, I assure you )

    Ally x

  • Make sure it stays please Ally - we are holidaying in Cornwall in July, driving all the way down from Orkney with 2 boys and 2 dogs so it had better be flippin' gorgeous after this enormous effort and expense! Tilda x

  • It didn't last long I'm afraid - grey and cold again now. Maybe the sun is now just waiting for you to come down!

    Ally x

  • Well July is a fair way off still so hope not for your sake Ally! X

  • We have brilliant sun here in Northern USA, however, presently it is near freezing temps, will have hard freeze or frost tonight, so have to go out and cover inground plants and bring in the potted ones. So, not a good day to try to increase Vit. D levels!!

    However, next Weds, predictions are for temp in high 80's, don't know what that is in centigrade, but can't wait to go sit on the patio and convert all the D I possibly can in one day :)

    Loret xx

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