Smooth radio

Smooth radio

Hi everyone I was feeling a bit low today but now I have put smooth radio on and I feel so much better. I have been dancing (did I say dancing) well moving to the music round my living room and remembering the time when I was a disco queen (or thought I was lol).

I love this site it is so great to be in touch with other RA people. Anyway much go the glitter ball calls. Have a good weekend everyone.x

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  • Wonderful! I'll join you inspirit, dancing round the handbags!!! My ring tone is the Stones Can't get no satisfaction! Have a good week end. Love Alison xx

  • Ah thats brilliant. I must get a more upbeat ringtone. P.s dont trip over those handbags.

  • I smiled when I read your post :-) I love listening to smooth radio..enjoy :-)

  • Thanks Prairie.

  • Yes!! give me music and a dance anytime, i normal listen to magic, How music takes you back, Enjoy xx

  • Your looking good. Yes like to listen to music too. I have found candy crush can't leave it alone lol x

  • Thank you so much. As for Candy Crush i am staying well away.

  • Love your photo, very glamorous :-)

  • Ooh thank you very much.

  • Looking good lovely :-) enjoy every minute. xxx

  • Thank you very much not bad for an old bird (lol).

  • Music can brighten ones spirits so easily. I love smooth radio too - enjoy

  • Yes you are so right. My Mum who died 2 years ago loved Music and when I hear Kenny Rogers and other tunes she loved it always makes me smile. Have a good day.

  • This has been great, really up lifting. Sharon you look great and fair play to you, it's not always easy looking your best when your not well.

    Music and dancing......Awh, takes me back. Jiving was my dancing, I just loved it. At the end you were silly laughing, out of breath and loving every minute of it. Now there is jiving and being jived. I think, think I could still do the latter. I'll give it a try as soon as I get a drug that works for me longer than six weeks! I do miss it though, breaks my heart watching and not being able to take part. The feet be going under the table and my bum sort of goes from left to right on the know what I mean don't you?

    But never say die, this old bird will live to dance another day!!

  • Hear hear I have just had another boogey to Tina Turner on Sir Terry. I used to attempt a jive but since I broke my hop (not jiving I hasten to add) I cant face all that spinning around. I am off now to apply the polyfilla so I can go outside without scaring the neighbours lol. Take care.

  • Your a tonic Sharon, keep up the good work. X

  • Will try.

  • Love Smooth Radio, so many cheesy songs from my childhood, I put it on when I cook :-D XXX

  • Yes it takes me back lol.

  • Sharon, glamourous Sharon, I like your style! I used to dance alot with the radio, or playing records of favorites, loved dancing with the vacuum cleaner, or spinning around the kitchen floor with the mop :) Can't quite do all that anymore with a four wheeled walker! Though 2 years ago, I did dance, with a friend and my walker, at my son's wedding! With the aid of 3 glasses of wine, 2 shots of Bailey's Irish Creme and the friends encouragement!

    Now, I keep music on most of the time, at the Golden Oldies station. Brings back the best of days, everyday. :) keep swingin and swayin, Loret xx

  • Hi Loret love your hat. How brilliant dancing with your frame. When i broke my hip 3 years ago i took my walking stick on the dance floor. Thank you for calling me glamorous.

  • LOL! Hey, we gotta do what we gotta do!

  • There is a story to that hat :) One day last Sept, three of my friends and I were on her patio, got to talking about olden days and church practices and got to the stories about the hats we wore to church and Janice said she still had alot of hers. Five mins later she brought the box out and we all tried on all of them! Took picturess of each other, it was hilarious!

  • Oh what a great story its so great to look back with friends. I love the idea of you all laughing together and trying on the hats. I got a straw hat one year when we were going to Florida with the kids. I thought it looked alright but the kids said I looked like Paddington Bear. Cheek

  • Hiya love dancing too! Do you remember the blond from Abba? She has been doing interviews and still as gorgeous as ever!

    They say she is thinking of doing Eurovision on her own, listening to her new song I think should be great xx :)

  • Yes she is still gorgeous and I like her new song too.

  • You rock girl,do it when your able. I too used to love the discos. On a thursday night there used to be a crowd of girls round mine and my sisters house all getting ready to go to the hospital disco where there were a lot of eligable young r.a.f men (strange that as i married a soldier) My dad could never understand how we could jig about while getting dressed ready to go out. My mum bless her loved it. Sadly those days are long gone,but sometimes i will do a little jig as best as i can. Love the photo of

  • Oh thank you sylvi you are very kind. Ooh i would have loved to go to a disco where there were lots of RAF men. I think at heart I may be quite naughty (its all in my head) lol. I know my Mum used to tell me about when she was a little girl in the war and she used to watch this lady with red hair and a lovely suit and fox fur walk down their street. People used to say she was a tart but I would love to know what she got up to. Could be a book in it lol. Obviously thats a long time ago we cant remember it but I love films where they are all jiving away. I always liked taking my teenage daughter and her friends into town they were so excited and I loved watching them go out for a good time. My youngest (24) helps me to get ready now if I am going out and she isnt (role reversal). Have a good day sylvi.

  • nice top sharon x..

  • Thank you its a dress which I got in a sale. I love a

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