I got it!

I got the letter today, less than a week after the forms reached the Teacher's Pensions Agency, so am stunned that they reached a decision so quickly. I assumed the letter was just going to be an acknowledgement of my forms, so didn't really think twice about opening it. I am also stunned that they have awarded me Total Incapacity Benefit, when I thought I would have to appeal to get even Partial Incapacity Benefit. This is all a huge relief, as I thought I might have to look for a part-time teaching post for September just to go back and prove all over again that I can't teach any more.

The advice which someone on here gave me to focus on fatigue and brain fog rather than physical limitations, and to talk about risk to pupils' safety, was spot on. I also focused on how I was unable to help pupils make progress because of my fatigue and resultant cognitive limitations. Someone out there was listening and understood the impact.

So, goodbye to the last few files and folders of teaching materials which I had kept just in case. I can have a good sort out of my wardrobe, and put my suits on Ebay. Jeans and jodhpurs all the way from here.

Dotty :-)

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  • Well done. Now pdjawtamd get as well as you can.

  • Well done, it's such a relief in some ways isn't it!! Well sit back and enjoy a bit of recovery and retirement time! Great news xx

  • So pleased for you Dotty :-) Love Janet xxx

  • well done you !! x

  • Well done x

  • Well done getting the full benefit. I am also a teacher, but I switched to supply teaching about ten years ago. It was the only way I could carry on working- fatigue, brain fog meant I could never be on the ball all the time.

  • I am so pleased for you,well

  • Wonderful news! Well done :-) The relief must be amazing, so pleased for you, JoJo x

  • Wow! Efficiency when you need it is great, and gives you the opportunity to teach your RA to behave instead. My health certainly improved when work quit on me, and I was able to use the time to look after myself instead. So overall quitting work has been a positive experience (tho' I still do a bit from home), but I did have some low moments about it - hard to be forced to give up something a bit before you're ready. And it sounds as if you've a lot to look forward to doing, but don't be surprised if you need to she'd a tear as you pack up the suits. Polly

  • fantastic, well done

  • Great news, so pleased for you. I just took early retirement at 55 after 30 years of teaching because the fatigue left me like a zombie. I can thoroughly recommend retirement-just back from a lovely stroll in the sunshine, chance to sit still and listen to the bird song. Enjoy your future. Deb x

  • Well done dotty. You sound so relieved and positive. Great news for you.

  • Dear Dotty,

    I too am a Teacher, but have not worked for 18 months as I taught P.E I am going to try again next Month but am worrying about if I can not do it anymore, and what I do re - money. I am living off savings at the moment as they stopped my E.S.A as they said I could do some work but not Teaching. I have not bothered with job seekers as yet. Thanks for your advice re incapacity allowance. Do I need a form etc thanks LIzzie brush

  • Hi Lizzie

    The forms and information can all be downloaded from the Teachers' Pensions website. Are you going back to your previous teaching job, or are you starting a new one? Either way, make sure you are paying pension contributions. Also, if you are struggling with the work, make sure that Occ Health are involved, reasonable adjustments have been made etc. Let me know how you are getting on - can probably give more detailed information as things occur, but there are steps that need to have been taken as you go along.

    I really wish you all the best of luck - it's such a demanding job for anyone, but for a PE!

    Love Dotty

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