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Brian here, I have just read your blogs and being a man I can't imagine what it is like to have children but with RA has well my heart goes out to all woman everywhere. I have suffer for a number of years, at one time after my hips ops I managed to go the gym now I have trouble to go into the garden and most shopping days have to use a wheel chair. I don't know what I would do without my family and friends they are my unpaid carers and never complain. It's good to talk to others and have a laugh, if you can start the day with a smile the rest of the day goes much better, so chin up. I some times think is it all worth it but you only have to look at and see the sun shine and the birds sing and it all seems worth while. Pancake tomorrow, live a little, make a pile and curl up in front of the TV and a good soap. I'm looking to have a stair lift putting in has anyone got any tips for me to look out for.

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Hi Brian,nice to read your comments and thanks for the support to all us women with RA, it is extremely hard to raise a family with RA but its no different really for the men who have it they suffer too, and even for the husbands and wives who support their loved ones with RA. I know what you mean about family support I too don't no where I would be without mine. It's all about being positive and having the right attitude your right there, but some days its just so difficult. good luck with the stair lift I'm sure it will be a great help to you. mand x


Hi Brian,

I have ordered my stair lift and I am just waiting for mine to be sorted in the next few weeks.

Are you funding your stair lift alone or looking for help from social services?

If you are looking for help from social services then get your application in now as there is up to an 18 month wait at the moment.

Good Luck with it

Julie x


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