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Sunday in the sun

Thought I would write a blog while i have my daughters lap top to hand. My Acer desktop pc has died on me and I feel lost without it. I cant really afford to get someone in to look at it but neither can i do without it. My screen shows no signal and flatly refuses to come on. My hard drive lights up and makes all the right noises but cant seem to connect with my screen. Any tips from anyone to help. Anyway its been a glorious day so I have been out in the garden tidying up a bit lovelly to be outside. I also cooked lunch for my hungry horde.

Went out Friday eve with my friend a had a boogie and a couple of drinks.

So all in all life not too bad just now. Just the eternal tiredness to cope with and some new pains in both elbows.

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sharon the tiredness is the worast I FIND THE SAME


Sharon.....I am technoilliterate... however it did occur to me perhaps the laptop has caught your RA try rubbing some MTX into it!!!!!!!

You gotta's the only way. x


Hi sharon

The screen may have gone, if you go to acer website on your daughters pc, on their web page type in the problem and see if there is an answer, if no help Hubby is IT i can ask him, if you would like message me.

No probs and now rest after all of that I have decide to clean kitchen today cos, of the sun now I've had enough, so someone else we have to put it back together, got shelves and top of range cooker and extracter in dishie. no tea until its put right

I'll be in troublllllle

best wishes



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