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No Smoking Day
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1 week in and kinda hurtin

Hi everyone. I'm Sean. I just completed my first week without smoking as of noon today. Approx 177 hours w no nicotine. Cravings still coming pretty good today. I feel like the last few days were a little easier than today. Maybe it's the glass of whiskey in my hand. Lol. I refuse to stop drinking coffee, having an occasional cocktail, or doin things that I enjoy because i enjoyed them w a cig in the past. Headstrong! But this suuucks.

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Welcome Sean and congratulations on 1 week smoke free! Well done! Are you doing it cold turkey? I am quit a year and a half cold turkey now and never looked back. Keep up that mindset you have.

Below is a pinned post that may be helpful to you....


Keep in touch :)


Hello and welcome!

Yep, you're right, it does suck, big time. Hang in there because it does get easier and easier. Just take it one day or hour at a time.

The first week is a tough one. You have to begin to get used to doing things that you previously associated with smoking. You can do this. Post if you need support ☺


Great way to go cold turkey. Get it all out of the way go easy on coffee without the nicotine the caffeine is a lot stronger on your system. good luck


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