Penthouse prep

It has been a while but I just wanted to pop my head round the door to say hello to all of my old friends and to ask if you wouldn't mind beginning to make some extra room in the penthouse. Just under 3 weeks until I get the keys and I am really looking forward to it. It has been some journey - in some ways the hardest but most satisfying thing I have ever done. Off skiing again this weekend - my airport meltdown all those months ago now seems a vague and distant memory.

I need some Thin Lizzy on the stereo for my pleasure and to encourage my fellow Lizzy fan to join me (keep going Thinlizzy54), a fridge full of cold beer, Nozmo at the BBQ cooking up some of Hercu 's fish and some delicious baked goodies prepared by the one and only RoisinO1 . As usual I will be a travelling penthouse resident (off to New Zealand later in the year to watch some rugby) but all of you guys who have made my transformation to non-smoker possible will always be in my thoughts

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  • Btw isn't Abuelajeannie due in the penthouse any day now??

  • I have Abuelajeannie as the same day as yourself FordyP, strangely never copped that until now that ye quit the same time - great post, looking forward to having you in the Penthouse, in between your hectic lifestyle of travelling the world!!

  • FordyP Not far behind you :) yay!!!

  • We are Frantically preparing for this huge occasion Fordy.... Cant wait .... Cogratulations.. !!

  • Indeed it's always a pleasure to read a successful post, any time but particularly in the mornings, as I find, it motivates me, and others I'm sure.A brilliant well done from me.

    Enjoy, hoping your entrance to the penthouse, is majestic

    Well done

  • It's OK Hercu and RoisinO1 ...we can change the locks when he goes to New Zealand. :-)

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