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I think tomorrow is the start of Month 2 for be honest I've lost the plot a bit....just returned from 4 days in Rome and I didn't smoke!!!! Believe me that's I have been surrounded by huffer puffers be honest Rome would have been like paradise to me a month ago...good coffee, wine, food and everyone seems to smoke and no-one minds where you light up....this time a different story. It did smell horrible - but that's not to say I didn't miss it especially after I'd had a glass or two...but I didn't miss standing outside the hotel desperately trying to smoke as many as possible before I was missed...or lingering outside the airport until the last possible minute to get that last drag in - before being trapped in a plane for hours counting down the hours till I could run for the exit for the next one. Now that was liberating!

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Well done Dulavinsky, that was some big achievement for you as I know how bad Italy is for smokers and my hubby found it very difficult when we were over there in Florence 3 months after he quit, he found everywhere he looked people were smoking and sitting outside was a nightmare with smoke fumes for him, can't wait to head to Vienna in August as both of us non smokers!

Keep up the great work, you are doing so well!


Thank you lovely....can you let me know how you get on in Vienna? OH is desperate to go but we were worried that it would be really expensive? and very smoky...but hopefully I should be feeling a bit more confident by then? Thank you!


Will do! Got a good enough deal, flights and hotel €1,240 for us both for 5 nights (paid for with my savings from not smoking and flying from Dublin in Ireland). It is a special break away for us as its hubby's 40th in August and our 10 year wedding anniversary in September so splashing out, but I think you are right that it is expensive over there but suppose to be beautiful and once you go, will want to return again and again....

PS Where are you from?


That sounds awesome! I'm currently living a few miles from Newmarket/Cambridge in England. When I go to work I get to see all the racehorses out for their morning exercise on the Newmarket downs which is lovely...take care!


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