No Smoking Day
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Day 6...really strong cravings

If I had some tobacco here now I would smoke it. This is the worse day for me so far for craving smoking (or nicotine). That hollow feeling. Something is missing and I could fill it with smoke.

I spent the yesterday evening with a smoker, we sat next to each on the sofa and he smoked contentedly. I timed him how long it took to smoke his cigarettes (I'm a bit obsessed with this!!!) Yesterday, with him, I had no urge to smoke.

Maybe today it's the rainy Sunday morning blues. I'm going to remember what Hattie said....whatever it takes to get through this.'s my plan.

1. Go to shops and buy cigarettes. HAHA...NOoooo, only joking. Buy milk and Sunday paper. Have breakfast (not something I usually do)

2. Take my L- Theanine

3. Tidy kitchen. Very difficult to focus on actually "doing" this might be difficult.

4. Reward myself for point 3. Hmm...what's the reward?? Strawberry bonbon?

5. 15 minutes bouncing on Rebounder.

6. Put all washing away. DULL!!!

Then what.....Lie on the sofa and cry.

When can I have a drink??

Sorry, this is kinda miserable, but in the time I've written this, my craving is diminishing.

Hope everyone is enjoying/getting through their day

Ohh, finally on a positive note, been having some LOVELY dreams since no nicotine. Warm, comforting, slightly erotic :o, wonderful dreams

Take care


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Go to the shops and buy cigarettes! You nearly gave me a heart attack :)

Your mood will stabilise eventually - you have come so far :) Where are you getting the L-Theanine from? Is it effective?


Take one minute at a time.....then another.....then another and for each minute remember that tomorrow will be a whole week since you gave up.........You may crack open a bottle of wine and be proud of yourself :)

Are you going cold Turkey?


Thank you for your kind words the L-Theanine from Amazon. Can't say if it is effective. Certainly wasn't yesterday!!! Horrible day

Wendy, yes cold turkey after hypnosis. All I think the hypnosis did is confirm my decision to quit. I have to say withdrawals have been bad!!!


Do you get the fidgets Elizabeth? About a week into my cold turkey I found myself unable to sit down and focus on anything, but also unable to concentrate enough to get up and DO anything...that's when I put my trainers on and got out running - no real concentration required, and it tired me out enough to need an early night and escape the cravings. Result!

Also, cleaning everything in sight, including the inside of my car (that was rank. A friend once asked if I'd had squatters's lovely now though!)

And most importantly, keep telling yourself how fabulous you are, how strong, and how great it is that you're doing what you set out to do! Don't forget, this IS tough, but you're being so much tougher xx


Let me know if it helps, i may try it :)


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