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So looking forward to hitting the month mark on Monday night, never thought I would get this far especially going cold turkey after 5 days. As you will know weekends are when I struggle most, 2 weekends ago I bought a new Hoover and last weekend I bought a new car :eek::eek: but weather nice up here in NE Scotland this weekend, so walked into town with my daughter this morning, then walked to the lighthouse with my son this afternoon, so haven't really bothered, tomorrow with it being mothers day by time we go to my parents and in-laws day will be gone.

Hope everyone is having a good quit free weekend away to see if Scotland can keep this lead in the Rugby :p:p

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Right there with ya Jess I'm on day 26


Well done Brianp, still have some days when I would love a cigarette, then next day I don't think about it at all x


Brilliant Guys! Congrats to both.

Nb. I dont understand why everybody seems to find the weekends the worst, I never really had any probls at the weekends, its usually wednesdays for me, but that's work related.

As for my quit, I am struggling but I know I will not smoke again, never. I couldn't possibly.

I have been told very clearly in January that I am 1 pack away from very serious health complications and I had a good feeling for it in January, I had the pleasure(not) of going through a few nights in the hospital not being able to breath by myself.

One more pack is suicide, I was told. So I suppose, I am lucky because there's plenty of motivation.


Thank you all, soon be the magic first month:p


Really good stuff Jess, love your honesty, it's odd isn't it? Some days we all crave like mad and the next it doesn't enter our heads? We all have to just keep going :) xx


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