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Week 7

Well ok, tomorrow is the start of week 7, but not to get hung up on dates, hooray! Now got a work colleague vaping away on day 5. Have bought my treat for the end of the month, went and got the handbag early...........and a purse. It is getting easier, have about 3 craves a day which are not all consuming -a few deep breaths and job done. My skin on my face is all pink and healthy, my teeth are white and my loose fitting trousers now look like ski pants. Will worry about a diet another day, ATM so happy, thank you for all your support, especially those first few weeks. One thing I have learnt is that I will not let my guard down :)

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What a lovely post Caroline! :D

Many congratulations on getting six whole weeks under your belt- well on the way to the end of Month Two now, which is one fantastic achievement. You sound so upbeat and happy, and as you say, worry about a diet when the time is right (and not a moment before). In the meantime, you just enjoy gloating over your lovely new handbag, purse and beautiful complexion. :)


As someone on day one, it's encouraging to hear you are through the worst. Well done you 7 weeks is amazing!


How fantastic, your well on your way to a whole new none smoking woman, just brilliant.

Ps the bag is only the start of your treats, sooooo many more to come

Doing great.


Lovely post Caroline and so pleased to hear it is all going well for you.


Good to see you doing well. I found it started to get easier around about week 7/8. Thank goodness! You're not the only one whose waistband is expanding!! Can't believe how quickly my clothes became tighter. Good timing though- the evenings are getting lighter just in time to start pacing it all off. November/ December was perhaps not such a crazy time to stop smoking.


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