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Day 57

Sorry some of this doesn't relate to my quit, but I hope you don't mind me posting.

This morning I had to take my little dog, Charlie, back to the vets as he's been very poorly. They kept him there for blood tests and he is now on a drip, and having antibiotics & pain relief and will have to stay overnight. I'm now sitting at home waiting for the vet to call with an update on how he's doing. I just want him back home with me.

But this is probably the most stressful day I've had since I quit and when I went to the shop to get some milk, I didn't even think about stopping at the cigarette counter. At the moment, I don't really give much thought to smoking at all but I remain on guard for the "one won't hurt" phase. I just keep thinking if I was to have a cigarette now it would make me feel sick. I'm not sure if this is normal but it is definitely helping if I do get a craving.

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Well first of all, I hope that Charlie gets well soon Sally, so that he can come home to you where he is comfortable and happy.

Secondly, I think you have reached a point where you realise that you don't need cigs to deal with stress, so well done you, even if it is under these circumstances.

Stay strong



Bless dear Charlie and may he turn the corner, make a full recovery and back to his normal bouncy self before you know it. It's so stressful when they're not well isn't it?

You get a gentle slap on the back from me (as well as lots of virtual hugs) for managing this difficult situation without cracking and losing your quit. It would be so easy and the fact that smoking hasn't been at the forefront of your mind is such a good omen for the future. Well done Sally, and a Tea says, be nice to yourself...:)


Awww poor Charlie hope he's ok? I think it's a turning point when you can go in the shop and not even bat an eyelid at the fag counter so good on you! Xx


Charlie says thank you all for thinking of him.

Spoke to the vet this morning, who said he'd not got any worse overnight but he was still not allowed home as they have to wait for the results of a blood test to come back as they need to rule out pancreatitis.

After worrying about him all day, I was allowed to see him this evening when the night staff came on duty at 7pm. He looked a lot brighter but is still on a drip. There was a lovely veterinary nurse looking after him and I felt much happier having met her. I did very well and didn't cry when I had to leave him there!! I'm really hoping he can come home tomorrow.

Today has been a bit of a struggle but I've survived without a cigarette. On Saturday it will be two months since I quit and I've never got past 6 weeks before so not sure what to expect now.


Thank you Tea.

I only decided to try "Stoptober" at about 11pm on 30th September, didn't have any real plan and now somehow I've made it to month 3. I'm feeling quite pleased with myself! I remain suspicious that around a corner somewhere there will be something to catch me out but that's good because it keeps me on my guard.

Charlie Dog came home on Friday. He's been a bit quieter than usual but seems to be recovering well. So pleased to have him home.


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