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Have managed 2 whole days Billy no mates


Well am feeling slightly proud, hubby away, so have been on my own, lots of Batch cooking, and the forum has got me by. No cheating and although the thought of smoking, has crossed my mind, have told MR NICO not to bother me any more as I,m to busy.

Chillie, curry, steak mushroom pie, sushi, apple bramble crumble, all in the freezer. I know I,m a Sado, but I do feel chuffed, not caved in, to his demands:D

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WOOHOO you're a flipping star!!

So lovely to see so many positive posts :D :D

You are SO not a sado, Tracey! :)

You're certainly a foodie though. I'm a foodie too and there's nothing more relaxing in my opinion than being able to potter around the kitchen cooking lovely things and batch-freezing them for later use. I've had a few attempts at sushi but never been any good at it- you are clever! :D

Well done for coping during your husband's absence so well. You deserve a huge pat on the back. :)

Noooo it's soooo easy

Sushi is sooooo. Very easy my tip is to roll it tightly, really no skills need for that, but I do love my food, and I guess anything we like doing we get better at,

I am a Sado, make soup for work and just cook, I know it's boring, but. It makes me happy to feed people.

Any way, my best buddy , never cooks always a take away, and I also lke that, give Suschi a try, really not difficult I promis, just roll the sheets tightly, i find that helps.

A new da tomorrow, bring it on, Mr NICO not welcome at my house.

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