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No Smoking Day
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In month 5...OMG?

I cant believe it has actually been that long since i last had a smoke! :eek: I literally tried for 2 years to quit. I failed so many times it was horrible. I know people didnt believe me in the end that i was serious, I wouldnt of believed me either. But that desire was really there and finally enough was enough and I did it :D I have smashed my previous longest quit (3 months with champix) with no troubles.

Every month has become easier. My last craving was 3 weeks ago, and that was triggered from a very heating arguement. I do get the odd thought of 'well go on smoke until you 30ish and then quit again, you know you can do it now. I then think what the hell is the point in sparking up now!? silly addiction is still happy for me to slip :cool:

Anyways, Im just really shocked to be saying 5 months and not a drop of nicotine at all! :D: xxx

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That is just marvellous Nikki and I knew that you would do it because I could sense your determination. I am really pleased for you well done and keep it up!:)


That's brilliant!!

It took you a while, but you found your long term quit in the end which is what matters!!

And take it from me, you'll be glad you didn't wait until you're 30 'cos it's loads harder :eek:

It's fab to see someone who's struggled get their forever quit :D


Nikki this is brilliant, I am one of your biggest fans as you know and getting to 5 months is so amazing and an inspiration to me, well done x x


Fantastic...well done you xxx


Great to see this post Nikki, you really do sound comfortable in your quit now :D


Nikki, you and I are close. It's really over, isn't it? We are done. Okay, a little extra weight, so what! It's all ancient history... time to move on! Brilliant!


Really pleased for you Nikki. Always knew with your determination and persistence you would win in the end. Make this one for ever.



Well done - that is brilliant!!


yay thanks everyone! :D defo is the forever quit that is for sure! do not want a single puff!

A bit of weight isnt going to make us sick now is it? You can tell those who smoke and those who dont just by looking at them, esp as peeople get into their late 30's, early 40's. The color of their skin, hair, their voices EVERYTHING!

Its nice to know people will look at us and know 'she/ he is a non smoker' :D xxx


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