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No Smoking Day
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10 months and now it's a doddle

Hi all it's now been 10 months since I last had a smoke,mind you I put on 2 stone ,now going to gym to work that off,which is good fun ,I hardly ever think about having a fag now ,I'll be gladd when summer arrives ,fed up with all this wind and rain,only 2 months untill I join the penthouse done two 1 hr sessions at the gym the weekend and lost 5 pound,so that's a step in the right direction,can't wait to hit the beach wearing my thong,not a pretty sight I can tell you,onwards and upwards :)

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Great to see a post from you Alan, soon be the penthouse :D


Alan, that is just marvellous, you have done brilliantly well done to you:)


Fantastic :D


Well done Alan! Great to get into double figures, i'm not far behind so save me a nice seat in the penthouse :D.

As for the thong thing :eek: why man why :confused: :)


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