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No Smoking Day
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10 months for bladeflyer

Not sure if I worded that correctly , sounds like I have just been locked up .:confused:

Anyway YESTERDAY I celebrated 10 months since I quit poisoning myself.

My sense of taste and smell is awesome these days and I can now smell the coffee waiting for me in the house of the pent :D.

In the meantime Mr Nico-demon can have another kick where it hurts for good measure:p

Best wishes y'all

Regards Trev

Quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

7 months C.T

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Thats brilliant! The time will fly, and with spring in the air too! x



Brillliant - well done mate. 2 months to go.

And if today is anything to go by - it will be a sunny breeze through to the penthouse.


10 months for good behaviour????!! Coool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where on earth are these recent months going though eh??? doesn't seem that long ago we were on christmas day, and not long after all surrounded by snow.. and now you've done your 10 months... blimey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta be happy the months are tickin on by now though eh!!!

Well done on your 10 months, be happy.. be vewy happy :)


awwwwwwwwww thanx guys

Thanx folks for your kind words of encouragement.

Chrissie I kicked him for you too hun .....keep up the quit hun you are right behind me all the way to the penthouse.

Fiona ....hope you are enjoying your new found freedom in the penthouse I take my hat off to anyone that makes it all the way in there ....great achievement.

Atomic ....you are doing really well dude ! I can sense your determination to succeed in your quit.

Jase thanx again for your encouragement and the immense support you give to so many in here.

Best wishes to you all Trev :)


Great news Trev, 10 months is terrific.



Thanx Jackie

Thanx Jackie,

It is soooooooo much easier nowadays ....in fact I didn't realise how easy it would become which is a bit annoying as I now realise that I should have done this YEARS ago lol.

Hope the sun is shining up there in Scotland today hen :D.

Trev x


Well done on your 10 months Trev. Not long till you make it to the penthouse now :D

Gaynor x


Thanx Gaynor , hope your quit is going well these days too , stick with it and I look forward to meeting you in the penthouse .:D

Trev x


Well done Trev!

10 Ruddy months eh, soon at the penthouse.



Thanx Mel ,

See you in there hun :D

Trev x


Hi Trev :D

Sorry very tardy of me to be so late with this


Well done you 10 months is fantastic


Marg xx


Thanx Marg ,

Looking forward to meeting you in the penthouse ........ not long now :D

Trev x


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