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Smoke free & Proud

Hello, so i had been smoking for 3 years, i had quit before for 3 weeks, i have now quit for a month & 2 weeks & 2 days, i am so glad i decided to quit as i can already see the benefits, my breathing has improved alot i can now actually breath through my nose clearly, i was worried to start with as people was telling me when you quit you can put lots of weight on and that your food appetite improves, i have found that i am the same as before which is a good result :) As time goes by it does seem to get more harder to avoid the temptation, especially if you live with smokers all your life, i keep thinking to myself just one cig but i know it won't just be one as that was where i had went wrong last time, too all you ex smokers goodluck & if you get tempted remind yourself why you quit in the first place :)

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Well done Chimene, a great decision you have made for yourself :)


Well done hun :) You sound so determined, i have no doubt you will stick to ur guns :) go you xxx


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