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Changes in Attitude

One thing I have noticed during various stages of my quit is how my attitude toward quitters and smokers has altered.

When I first started, and I would say well up until about twelve weeks in, I was that judgemental, sanctimonious, holier than thou ex smoker. Heaven forbid anyone who was stupid enough to mention cigarettes in my company, my OH decided to try and quit four weeks after I did as apparently I looked like I was about to commit murder every time he had a ciggie:mad: I was also judgemental and quite "unbending" when any member wobbled - I was also in that mind set of "If I can do it, any one can! It's not that hard for crying out loud"

Then a couple of members who'd been around longer than me, and I had become quite fond of, fell, and, to be honest, I had to have a really long word with myself, these members had struggled long and hard to maintain their quits, but things that I knew nothing about, had conspired to topple them and what right did I have to criticise and condemn them? Many may remember my distress when the OH decided he actually quite liked smoking and just wanted to carry on! Tears, threats and tantrums were all in order, I was then at the point I could not understand why anyone would want to smoke, it was bad enough that some people just could not cope! Once I'd calmed down I realised how unreasonable I was being. This feeling has also pervaded my reaction when members slip, it is not my place to have a go, I have no idea what is happening in these peoples real lives but I can be "there" as and when required and hopefully I can offer something from my experience that may help them turn down that cig.

Tomorrow, something may happen that alters my thinking again. Hope not though ;) I like the calm me :cool:

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