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week 7

I am now into week 7

I am still getting that feeling every so often that i fancy a cig, it just sort of washes over me, some days worse than others.

I try and let it jsut wash over or if it's being stubbon i stuff a sweet in my mouth and then it goes.

Managed to get through christmas without yelling and losing temper or a smoke so very happy

Treated myself to a new hair cut on Fri, my way of thinking is a new me with a new hair style. also cut off any stained hair that I may of had.

seen the new stop smoking advert on tv today. Think that may stop a few people from smoking for a couple of days. Must be to help the people that will be making a new year resoloution to stop smoking.

Still waiting for my date for knee replacement surgery but when it evenyually arrives i will be able to truthfully say I have not smoked for x amount of weeks and I won'tbe starting again, (i hope)

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leaning but very gently.

Back to work today. yuck.

The feeling of smoking washing over me now seems to be fading so another good thing but I am on my guard for mr niko.

Stopped at the garage to get some sweets to keep me going, don'[t know if the pump was leaking but by god did the petrol smell, was a little frightened of starting the car it was that strong.

I have noticed that I am starting to smell nice wafty smells now and I think it may be me;)

TTFN be back later if I can get the computer at home


Hi... :)

OF COURSE ITS YOU don't smell ....only smell will be the shampoo in your hair, the nice hand cream you have on - or maybe it that nice body wash you used ?

Yo know what when I smoked I used to use tonnes of perfume to mask the smell, but it doesn't work does fact I THINK THAT IS THE WORSE SMELL OF ALL...PERFUME AND SMOKE...

I am only on day 2.. And I swear I can smell the chemicals in smoke...unfortunately behind a smoker. I made myself walk behind because I wanted to know that is what I smelt like !!

HORRID !! Yuk :D


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