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Does Anyone have under active thyroid ?

I have and have to take 100mg thyroxine. Been on it forever and to be honest I have thrived on it even when I smoked ! Sometimes even I get a Hyper followed by a massive come down.

Anyway, I have had blood test and I feel that I need a bigger dose because I am so tired all the time, gained weight and when I work out at the gym - I am sweating accessibly to the point of embarrassment. Sleep is all over the place. And at times get very moody and depressed. However, all my symptoms can mimick quitting the fags.

So, my question is if you are under active, have you had to increase your medication ? I get my blood results next week.

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I have never been diagnosed with an under active thyroid but I've noticed similar symptoms to those you both mention. We all stopped smoking around the same time so perhaps that has something to do with it. I think weight gain and sleep issues are quite a normal part of the quitting cycle. If you think about when we used to smoke - we probably spent 60 - 90 minutes a day puffing away. Now we aren't doing that so we have "lost" that time in the day and therefore get tired earlier?!?! It made sense when I thought about it but doesn't make sense now that I've written it down?!?!?



Hi Woo

(Think we're of a similar age, u a few years younger!!!!).

Yes I too have had an under active thyroid for as long as I can remember. I was on 100 levothyroxine for many years and the past year I have been on 150.

I get a yearly blood test done for Thyroid Registrar, but I to say have my GP happy to test more or less anytime in between that and has tweaked dosage.

My latest quit has always been 'different' and I've been successfully stopped for over a year, during which time I put in 3 stone, eek...... but hey, I addressed that issue well into my quit, so now lost 2 st out of the. 3 !!

So ultimately the weight gain had an effect on dosage.

I'm really tall, 5 7 and although heavier than I've ever been, am now back to a weight that I'm happy enough with.

It is VERY important Woo to get regular checks done, and please remember to take meds regularly, preferably around the same time each day. That was my Docs advice cause it was obvious to him that I'd been skipping, you can't fool them! And my Doc said dosage very seldom gets reduced, it can be at a plateau forever, or increased, but seldom down.

Fi x



Thank you so much...I honestly believe that my dosage needs to increase I am sure. Before I was diagnosed I was at my heaviest ever and that's nearly what I am now with my weight gain since my quit. I recognise a lot of things when my thyroid was very low. But it's difficult because I know same symptoms quitting causes. Maybe I am looking for excuses for the weight gain when in fact I have increased my food intake enormously. But I do go to the gym regularly and thought that would help but it hasn't, that's when i have the energy to go.

Well I shall find out soon enough but I feel so uncomfortable and hate this weight gain. Obviously not enough otherwise I wouldn't eat but it's not as easy as that is it. I have btw changed taking my medication from 1st in the morning to bedtime as I couldn't wait long enough to have my coffee !

:) x


maybe you might need to change your meds there are different ones around but dose wise your blood tests will soon let you know also there are foods that can help boost you up here is one link

and this site has some really good reads for alsorts of health issues

one i know for sure is apple cidar vinager mixed with manuka honey is scrummy i drink it also mixed with ginger as all 3 together is very benefical for lots of health issues i normally make a big jug of it and it lasts for a couple of days

hope you soon get it sorted out hun x



Thank you for those websites. Yes blood will tell soon enough I hope :)

Have a good day. xx


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