No Smoking Day
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The first 72 hours

78 hours without nicotine! My blood is now 100% nicotine-free!

I don’t like the expression „Cold Turkey”, it scares me, it sounds very hard and difficult, but actually, I think that is exactly what I am doing. No nicotine, no NRT, only using sometimes e-cig contains ZERO nicotine, it is still hard to believe, it is me!

All right, so the first 3 days’ short summary: I was busy, worked 33 hours during the 3 days, I think it was easier this way, starting on busy working days rather than being at home, doing nothing, getting bored, dangerous triggers, you know. I don’t say it was easy, not at all, it was hard. I cried twice, and nearly cried a much more times. Thank God I cry a lot anyway, it has happened more times before (without quitting), so noone was surprised :)

On the 1st day, I couldn’t stop thinking of cigarettes, which scared me, but on the 3rd day, I have already had a few „free” minutes, and not all of my thoughts were of smoking. So that is an improvement, isn’t it?

I kept carrying my nicotine free e-cig in my hands during the breaks, but sometimes I just completely forgot about it, I mean, your brain and body learns quickly, that it gives „nothing”, there is no nicotine in it any more, so why would you use it? But it does help sometimes, like a deep breath helps. Oh, yes, I love taking a deep breath (of fresh air, not smoke of course :)). Unfortunately, my chest still feels tight, I know, it is the part of the cleaning process, but how long does it take? I can’t wait to be able to take an even deeper breath!

Anyway, I spend the next 4 days at home, I can finally find out, how can I handle the day off situation…

Will keep you updated.

And thanks everyone for the great support here.

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Hi Loranta, congratulations and a massive well done for getting through 72 hours. I found this site invaluable when at a loose end, the joke thread is brilliant, it has taken me through many hard core crave moments as well as Carols cats :D You've already done the hardest part and with your positive attitude I'm sure you will overcome the craves.



Hi Loranta, and welcome and congratulations on your wise decision to become a non-smoker. From day one your body starts repairing itself, there is no set time, it all depends how much damage has been done. Its been nearly 9 weeks for me and my lungs are still in the process of clearing the gunge, but in other areas there has already been a big improvement particularly my circulation I can now walk so much easier and further the reason for that is there is now more oxygen in my blood. The really good news is the human body if given the chance can amazingly repair itself! So good luck, and if you are able, use the forum daily it will help your resolve and give you plenty of encouragement. Good Luck


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