No Smoking Day
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I am not really a supplement or alternative medicine type of girl but after feeling really flat and low after a week or so every time i quit i read up on why this was happening.

As i understand it when you smoke your dopamine is reliant on the nicotine so when you light up your feel good hormones are released hence why i always feel depressed after a week or so after quitting.

I read up and found out that st Johns Worts might help but i had tried that previously and had found no difference at all but read some reviews about

5htp, some people use it when they stop smoking but it also meant to be useful for losing weight and just a general pick me up if your feeling a bit flat.

So anyway, after trying about different amounts i am now taking 3x100mg a day which is the maximum you are meant to take and i am genuinely feeling a lot brighter than i usually do, to be honest i am feeling brighter than i do when i am smoking! I'm still craving on occassions but no where near as bad as i have previously and like i say i do not feel snappy and my mood is great.

I had a bit of trouble finding the 100mg tabs but if anyone is interested i can find the web company i got them from and let you know.

Stay strong, much love


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Great to hear that has picked you up Jules and a great tip for others-

Kat swears by 'rescue remedy' I recall,and others have other things they believe in and use.

Sounds like you are racing ahead now well done :D

I do too :)

SophieP uses (can't spell it) Rhodiola and she said it's fab


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