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You can do it

Its already Saturday morning here in Australia, and I was thinking about you back in the Uk, sleeping at the moment, and in a few hours waking up to face that first day smoke free.

These next few hours will be mentally hard - you'll give yourself a thousand reasons why today isn't the right day, tomorrow will be better, or Monday, or next week. Or maybe just one smoke will help ease you off them, or maybe just cut down instead of giving up all together.

You know you're only kidding yourself right? You can do it, not tomorrow or next week - today :)

I promise you, don think about never smoking again, just promise not to smoke today - just get through one day, today - thats not so hard is it? Just today, promse yourself - even sleep most of the day if you have to, but make and keep that promise and in return I promise you that you'll go to bed tonight feeling absolutely amazing - you made it a whole day without smoking.

Fair dinkum

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Brilliant post, neveragain. I shall make sure I read it again on Thursday evening, as Friday is my quit day.

Heck, I think I'll write it out on a piece of paper and keep it with me all day on Friday to read when I have my wobbles/excuses as I won't be able to stay on here all day, brilliant though that would be.

In fact, I am going to make a promise on here on Thursday night.........I will promise myself and every lovely person on here that I will not smoke a cigarette on Friday.


Bo mate. Good luck on Friday, it'll be hard but possibly not as hard as you think. Don't worry about Saturday or Sunday or next week. Just concentrate on getting through Friday, make yourself that promise - no matter what the nicotine monster in your head throws at you on Friday - don't smoke. Saturday will take care of itself.


Great post and so so true, i'm feeling much better with the thought in my head that i just have to do today. I'm on day six and the days are flicking through ok(ish), i've gone cold turkey so no nicotine left and the cravings are lessening already.

Reading the posts of people on here that have done it, and are happy, is really keeping me strong so thanks all.



Hey all

I'm pleased that this thought of mine is helping some of you, I have to say in the past I found the prospect of never smoking again overwhelming, so I now just focus on today....and I'm doing just great, actually really great. Not complacent at all, my guard is very much up, but this feeling of just getting through today really seems to make the whole thing much more manageable


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