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Ending up in A&E after 2 smoke free weeks!

Talk about bad luck. I have got pleurisy - a condition affecting the lining of the lungs and as painful as pneumonia! The first time I tried to stop smoking (around 10 years ago) I ended up in bed with pneumonia for 3 weeks (also after not smoking for 2 weeks) and now this!!!! I thought non-smokers were supposed to be healthier!

On the plus side, spending 5 hours in A&E and listening to the hacking coughs of some of the patients, made me realise that I DO NOT EVER want to smoke again!

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Healthier takes a little time but does come, initially you are more prone to infection.

While smoking it damages the natural defences but the smoke has certain antiseptic properties which make up for it a bit. However when you stop you loose that antiseptic effect and you have to wait for your natural defences to recover. While that is happening you are more prone to picking up colds and infections.

Once they are recovered and your body isn't having to deal with the muck you used to put into it, you'll probably find that you get fewer colds, they aren't as nasty and they go sooner. Well that's how its been for me.


Thank you.


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