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My first month in 16 years being smoke free

Yes I have finally hit my 1 month milestone, actually hit it a few days ago. It hasn't been too bad for me, as I have the best reason for quitting. Plus I feel so much better not being a slave to nicotine. Hope everyone else is going strong with no relapses. Been a few busy weeks for me with my newborn, so hadn't had time to post in a while. Thank you to all you wonderful people on this forum for giving me a helping hand in my journey.

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Well done you! Its my month milestone tomorrow. Its gone so quick and its amazing how quickly routines are changed. Congratulations, i bet your boy loves cuddles with smoke free daddy.


YAY well done to both of you :D

It's a fab milestone to get to, I hope you're going to treat yourselves and you feel really proud!!


One month.. that's fab and a huge well done to both of you.. feels great doesn't it :D


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