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The Anthem of Smokers


This is the me I used to be..... I'm really grateful to be able to remember it and know that I am putting it firmly in my past! To the tune of "Hopelessly devoted to you" by Olivia Newton John.

Guess mine are not the first lungs broken

my heart is not the first to stop

I'm not the first to know there's just no gettin' over you

I know I'm just a fool who's willing

to smoke until I die for you

But baby can't you see, there's nothin' else for me to do

I'm hopelessly devoted to you!

But now there's nowhere to hide

I know I'm gonna die

I'm coughing so bad but i'm

Hopelessly devoted to you

hopelessly devoted to you

hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying "fool you Must quit!!"

my heart is saying "help me beat"

"Hold on to the end" is not what I intend to do.... but

I'm hopelessly devoted to you

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