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Hi all,I have just recently joined this site and thought I would say hello.My name is iain,this my 4th day smokefree.So far things have gone pretty well with no real issues.Im taking champix and find they are really helping and have not giving me that many bad side effects,just a bit tired and the occasional bit of nausea.I am really determined to quit and look forward to giving and receiving a bit of support to my fellow quitters.Cheers iain

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Welcome Ian,I am new too,on day12 and this forum is brilliant for support and taking you mind off the dreaded weed.............:)


Welcome Iain and welll done on deciding to quit. You wont regret it. Read as many posts as you can and keep posting yourself it really does help:)


Hi Iain and welcome. Well done on getting to day 4. I am on day 12 and there is no way I would've got this far without this forum.

Keep reading and posting - it really does help :)

Good luck!!!


Hi Iain.Well done for making one of the best descisions ever and sticking with it and reaching day4.Im on day 19 now-after smoking for 41 years-and if it hadnt been for the support on this forum I probably would of caved in on day9. It is an amazing site.It is an understanding friendly hand in those dark lonely times of quitting.We are all in it together.I wish you every success. x


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