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How much more ????


i have already put 1st 10lb on in 14 weeks, when will it stop.

I am eating when i crave :eek: I was always so tiny before, so the weight isnt too bad at the minute, just don't want to get any bigger.

I am trying to eat healthy, i work long shifts as a nurse so dont really have the time or energy to go to gym.

How much weight did you guys put on ??

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Hi, I just started week 8 and think I've already gained about 5lbs. I tried the fasting thing, but didn't keep it up. Tried following an old Weight Watchers plan, but that lasted about a day. I can't afford to gain anymore weight (not lost all my pregnancy weight and my youngest will be 3 in a few days).

I was expecting to feel very energetic when my lungs got used to all that clean air, but it's not happening. So, Monday tomorrow, great day for a fresh start. I will be more active and eat healthily. Good luck to you, keep an eye on it and take it one day at a time. :)


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