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Crawling into week 2

Morning peeps.

Well i have made it into week 2 Yipee.

The weekend wasn't to bad, was busy on saturday so that took my mind off things.

Yesterday (sunday) i lost my patch late afternoon. Think i got to warm and it peeled off. Got very grumpy in the evening but made it through the day.

Sure my OH was trying to wind me up or it may have been because i was grumpy.

Thought i would try some exercise and down loaded the NHS couch to 5k onto my mobile phone. Couldn't even do that as got to puffed. Knew i was unfit but not that bad.

I will do it again tomorrow but not any jogging. Brisk walk and where it tells you to jog will walk even faster.

I am doing this on a tread mill as I have bad knees and bad back and hoping it may not be as hard on my joints (time will tell)

Have my new patch on and feeling happier now so onwards and upwards i go.

Hope everybody else is doing as well.

Talk again later


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Great job on reaching the 2-week mark!!!

One day I will get around to doing the C25K too. I even started a thread about it, but haven't quite managed to get up off my bum yet. :mad:



Think i will have to be really carefull this week as I know from past experience that the further I go on this journey the worse I start to miss them cigs and I end up failing. I get lax and think just 1 wont hurt but we all know it does.

I know I can do it as I have done it before some years ago.

Must draw on that experience.

I have a nice salad for lunch and also a bag of boiled sweets beside me.:D


Just had a look back on here to last year and it looks like I made it to day 21 I think so I have a while to go before I beat that but getting there slowly. Is anybody that quit last sept still posting and remember me?


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