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a week today!

Hi All,

New to this forum but thought I'd start posting as its been fantastic for me over the past week. Days 1 - 4 were absolutely awful and I found it very comforting to see I wasnt the only only struggling. Only on day 7 (as from 10.00 p.m) but I'm chuffed as its the longest i've gone without a ciggie in 5 years. Got a great little App aswell that tells me how much money I've saved since I quit too which i have found really useful. the last couple of days haven't been to bad really just gotta keep it up. Hope everyone is doing well out there!


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Hi Tommy

Welcome and congrats on your quit. First big milestone coming up - from tomorrow you will officially be in week 2! :)

Onwards and upwards! :D



Well don Tom and like ShazzaH says, welcome to the forum. Know how you feel about the first week smokefree, I would never have believed I could go that long. I know others had done it but, they were all part time smokers, not as bad as me. You wait till you get the first month in, the time will fly by. Just remember Tom, be on your guard and don't get complacent. When it is hard just do what you did those first days. Keep it up Tom and come back struggling or not. Every post you put up will help someone else. David


Hi Tommy

first of all Welcome to the forum :)

and second WELL DONE YOU :D for quitting

your doing so well and as Shazza says your in week two tomorrow yippee

just keep reading and posting on here especially when your getting a crave as both keep your mind and hands busy which you need to do

they do pass and they get weaker sipping water helps as well




Hi Tommy (that's my son's name too!)

Congratulations on a week! Cannot wait to catch you up although I'm a couple of days behind :-) So glad it's getting easier. I'm finding that the thought of relapse horrifies me, because it means going through the hell of day 1-4 again.

Keep it up and keep posting :)


Well done Tommy, you're doing really well - keep going 1 week turns into 2 weeks & weeks turn into months then years :D

Not one puff ever, I've been there done that & ruined a 4 month & 2 month quit - be stronger than the nic monster & you've cracked it.

Good luck,

Denise x


Thanks for the messages it's much appreciated. Hi Justsaynothanks (your son has a fantastic name!) definately getting alot easier. at work today and not looking at the clock and twitching as it hits the hour mark (cig break time) like last week. I'm still using Champix and gone cold turkey I think If I have a lozenger (if thats how you spell it) I think I'd struggle more TBH. Are you using anything? Stay in touch I think it will be a great help if there is a few of us that have quit around the same time and well done so far!


Well done Tom!! :) I'm on a week and a day today so we both gave up within 24 hours of each other! I was on Champix too but actually stopped taking it on my 4th day (so 11th day of Champix) as typically I was one of the ones who started feeling suicidal on it. So since Thursday I've been officially cold turkey!

I am SO glad it is working well for you though! :)


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