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No Smoking Day
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The smokers march

Saw something funny last night.

I went out to the local English pub (why is it though that in European countries, all English pubs will actually always Irish though) for the quiz night.

Not only was it pretty easy this time having a few beers and no cigarettes, but I noticed that every time there was a break between rounds, there was an almost constant line of people going outside for a fag, and then back in again, like a big conga! Wow.. Was I part of that big line a few months ago!!?

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haha makes you laugh doesnt them smokers are funny creatures

there is alot you dont see as a smoker and when you quit you think wow did i do that


Smokers "Whacky race's for the door LMAO.

And I noticed "Dick dasterdly" eye'ing them out from the corner.

Next time set "Mutley" on em LOL



I remember joining that conga and standing in the freezing cold with the smokers, coughing and hacking and shivering, and telling each other 'but you know, I just really enjoy smoking'.

I feel so ridiculous now for spending so many years kidding myself like that.


It's such a nice feeling walking past the smoking area's, particularly now the weather is turning. I think that's the best part of giving up for me when I realise I have overcome these old habits which used to drive me mad. I HATED getting up and walking away for a smoke, might as well have put a placard round my neck saying "LEPER COMING THROUGH" !!


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