No Smoking Day
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after 30 years

I have thought about quitting many times over the years but never actually had a serious attempt at it. I kept telling myself it wasn't a problem as I only had 10 a day and could easily manage without one if at work all day or with people who don't smoke.

Hubby and I have now booked a holiday with my sister and brother-in-law - going in 3 weeks and this is why I want to quit. My brother in law had cancer 6 years ago, he was a non-smoker and his doctor told him he was just unlucky as the type he had was normally seen in smokers, he had major surgery which cleared him of the cancer but the op and radiotherapy left lots of scar tissue which in short meant food was going into his lungs. Last year he was told he would never be able to eat or drink again and a tube was inserted into his stomach. He is so positive and just glad that the cancer has not returned and I just think it would be an insult to him for me to sit there smoking next to him for the 2 weeks we are away. So firstly I am doing this for myself but I am also doing it out of respect for my amazing brother in law.

He has had to give up food and drink which he must miss a hell of a lot more than I'm going to miss those little white sticks.

Day 2 and feeling very determined to go all the way with this.

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Well done Claire, good luck.


Hi Claire - Great motivation for quitting - I'm sure it will be appreciated. Although you were only a fairly light smoker, don't underestimate the power of a 30 year habit! This site is a great source of support and information to help you. Good luck.


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