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Week 2!!

Hi all, first of all let me say how wonderful it feels to know I completed week one :)

This weekend was a little hard and I had noticably more cravings than I had during the week- my hubby has been fantastic ( he gave up 12 years ago!) and helped me to see why I was craving more. We came to the conclusion that Because hr is home at the weekend, I gain more opportunities to 'escape' to the garden for a quick ciggy! Whereas during the week I pretty much have to wait until my 7 month old is napping!

Anyways im still here so heres to week number 2 of the rest of my life as a non-smoker :D

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YAY into Week 2 and almost week 3. Well done you!

Keep it up, I'm with ya on the Champix ;)


You are both doing brilliantly, once you get Hell Week over you the weeks really do start whizzing past and it gets easier and easier every day, and you think of smoking less and less :)


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