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New Quit or Old Quit?


Hi :)

after a weekend where I bought a pack of 10 (& smoked them of course) I went back to my quit monday and saw the no-smoking counsellor this morning. She has prescribed Champix but the Doctor has to sign that off so yet to be seen. :(

However what was impressive, was that my reading on the smokaliser or whatever they call it was 1. Which is better than when I'd given up for a week but drove a car. :)

So anyway hopefully with the Champix, I'll avoid falling for the cancer sticks again.

The key thing is to remember to see the nurse again in a fortnight.

And really apart from one week last july when i smoked about 23 cigs, 10 is the most i've had at any one time since september 2009, so perhaps i should cheer up? :)

Thing is in the meantime although i've lost some weight this spring, i'm still not coping well with housework (which husband finds important to his peace of mind) nor with other more important things like trying to do more useful things with my life or going back to the job market (i haven't even tried that for several years now, not even part-time).

And anything to do with paperwork sends me into such a spin that it takes many times a normal person's response time to do.

And i'm still so paranoid about doctors that i didn't even answer their gp survey..

But when i rang the counseling service they thought they'd tell me i was too sick for them, i should contact the mental health team- but they're very likely to tell me they only deal with people far more poorly than me. (They never can decide whether i have bipolar or schizo these days- when i was younger they just called it acute reactive depression, but apparently the longer you are ill, the worse the name they want to call you, and it does feel a bit like being called names..)

meantime one of the girls at weigh in clinic for obese persons (me) seems avid to spread rumours about me or am i just paranoid but i swear she's trying to get me in big trouble..

and i'd hoped to go to an art class or two but i've found in each one of these lovely freebie classes theres a person i can't stand, so much so i don't see any point in going back. Which does leave me wondering whether i am unreasonably difficult to please?

Well that's enough for now

2 days or is it 52 days?

never give up quitting

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Hi Eleanor,

I can empathise with you. I feel like I'm a really late starter in life because for many years I suffered from periods of deep depression. I also struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction.

I recently turned 50, I've had a few years drink and drug free and I'm on antidepressants which seem to keep my mood stable. So I'm in a good space really but it's taken a long time to get here.

I was really worried that trying to quit tobacco would push me over the edge but I feel better than I've done in years - healthy and happy. Still craving my rollups several times a day but it's a small price to pay.

I wish you luck in your quit journey,


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