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Take that Mr Nicopants!

Well, just been exposed to a fairly stressful situation. The wind caused our gate to swing open with quite some force and it has completely totalled the side of my car. The damage is probably going to cost twice the value of the car to repair :eek:

My first thought was "I need a fag". Then I calmed down and said to myself, how the hell is having a smoke going to fix this? It isn't.

Looks like I know what I'll be spending my saved money on now though :mad:

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So sorry to hear that all the money you have saved has to go on your car, but looking on the bright side if you hadnt quit the wind would still have done the same to the gate and the gate would have done the same to your car and you would have had a fag and you wouldnt have had the money to fix it.

So there you are money well saved, still a bummer though isnt it.

Well done for quitting any way, its a great feeling when you resist the temptation under stress isnt it.


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