No Smoking Day
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This is it

:) Ok everyone, today is the day, I think this is a fantastic site and with all your encouragement, I want to go the Full day as a Happy Non Smoker.its 11am now and i have not 1 single craving, so i feel really good, I am off to the dentist as soon as i post this thread, but as soon as i get back (probably just after 1230 ish) I will be straight back on here to read what you have all said , Thank you Thank you Thank you for your support, be back soon ... Ken

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Well done on the first day of being a non smoker. Hope the dentist went well for you today and that you stay with the positive thoughts and DONT GIVE IN.

We are all here for you, so good luck and keep on posting ;)



Great choice in deciding not to smoke any more Ken :). It sounds like you've got a great positive attitude. That's *so* important.

This is a great forum for support and encouragement. I highly recommend you read here often - particularly in the early stages of your quit. You'll almost certainly gain insights into what traps you might fall into and ways to avoid them.

Above all, stay strong and focussed and you can do it!!

Good luck!!



When you finally make that decision to not smoke anymore, and stick with it, it's not as bad as you think it is gonna be not smoking.

You will have good days and bad days. The good will outway the bad in the end so all the struggles you come up against will be worth it in the long run.

Hope the dentist went well and that yours isn't a sadist like mine :D

S xx


thank you all

Oh wow! you are all so fantastic, the dentist wasn't to bad (one filling) , i am going to be on and off here for the next few hours, i promised my wife i would take an elderly friend of hers to an appointment at 2pm, just wanted to say thanks for all the support. still no cravings, ;) see you all soon


Good to see you back again Ken :)

stay strong and if in doubt come back and read and read and post and post, it really does help.

snowie x


Am beginning to get the hang of it now snowie , bless you, i will keep poping back all day x


Hi Ken,

Congratulations on getting through Day's such a big step just to get to Day 1, and you are now well on your way to Day 2. Keep reading and chatting to everyone on really helps!! I am on Day 4 now and am feeling more positive every single day.

Keep us posted on your progress.

Best wishes,



thanks Embo, yes this site has most certainly helped me today, think i will be on here quite a bit between now and bedtime lol thank you :)


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