No Smoking Day
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Can't wait to get started again!!

Hello to all the great members in here.

I have been trying to stop smoking for quite a while and I made the decision to give Champix another go as it was the only method that worked for me.

I really can't wait to start!!I went to the stop smoking meeting last Tuesday, called the doc on friday but the prescription was not there so I hope it will be ready tomorrow.

I am not very keen on waiting arond because my minds will (and always does!!) play tricks on me, listing all the 'advantages' of smoking and will make me doubt my decision.

I want to start before the stress will start increasing again... I have just finished my degree course but I will start my Masters on the 6th, so I have approximately 2-3 weeks of relatevely quite before I start assignments and revision.....STRESS, STRESS & MORE STRESS!!!

I can't really say that at the moment my life is a bed of roses...I can't find a job, which is quit depressing, and I have noticed that the situation makes me smoke more and's out of control!!I feel I need to make positive changes in my life. Unfortunately I can't change the recession and the lack of job...but stop smoking I can help!I am sure the ciggies are contributing to my feeling low staus.

Sorry for rambling and thank you for listening.


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