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Six months done!

This weekend was my six month mile stone!

When I look back I can still remember the first week. I remember wondering how I was ever going to do this? :confused:

Well now I know! A bit of will power, a want to succeed & a lot of help from this forum (and some of my friends). :cool:

Here I am 6 months on a non smoker. If only I had known 6 months ago how good I would feel this week having just celebrated the half year mile stone!

If the next six months pass as fast as the last six seemed to then I'll be in the penthouse before I know it! :eek:

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Hey Becks

6 months that's fantastic well done you :)


Becks you are an inspiration to me and probably to many more, to hear someone reach the 1/2 year mark and say how good they feel is so good.

I am also amazed that I have done as well in my quit and like you looking back its quite a suprise to have managed it in relative sanity, how has it changed your life if at all obviously we all feel the benefits of not smoking health wise but what about your life in general?? I also wonder if like some the quit has thrown up any health problems that you didnt have prior to the quit, no need to answer if you dont want to but I am compiling a list of unlisted symptoms that sites like NHS direct dont have in fact as far as they are concerned about a month and we are high and dry from the quit, who are they kidding.

So wel ldone in your quit and if you think of anything PM me please.



Ok your at 6 months, amazing!! well done you!!!, but now you are looking at the second half of the year and you wonder how it will go?

well i reckon everyones quit is different but when i hit my 6 month marker someone said to me the next 6 months will be much easier and likely go quicker too.. they were not wrong. Its been VERY easy for me since then, and next week i'm 10 months quit (yay!) so says my calendar.

So as far as your quit goes, it will be as easy as you make it, just always be aware that complacency is what you need to avoid.. just always remember you used to smoke and that 'just one' should never be entertained regards smoking.

well done.. and onwards you go. Keep going, your doing really.. REALLY well.



Well done Becks :D .....6 months is Brilliant .


Quit 28th april 09



Great news , well done you thats a giant step forward.

Keep strong



wtg de-novo groupie.......keep it up, you are doing

so well.


Many congratulations on 6 months quit Becks, hearing how great you feel is a real inspiration to those behind you in their quits. We often hear about the problems people experience and it's great to hear how fab someone is doing and feeling.

Well done you,

Lorraine :)


Well done Becks. It feels great to get this far doesn't it :D



Well done on 6 m onths. And what a great positive post.



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