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No Smoking Day
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7 weeks today ... I am hoping to see the positive benefits soon

:rolleyes:Hi All,

Well I have reached 7 weeks today and it is a truly great feeling to know that it is getting so much easier.

I have actually struggled a lot with the quit with not seeing or feeling the benefits that most of you have by now (apart from the improved taste and smell); I have actually been feeling and looking truly terrible and at times this tested the point in giving up but I persevered!! Anyway, I had a sneaky feeling that there maybe something else up as i suffered from a vitamin deficiency a few years ago and so I went for a blood test a week ago. I have had a cold since last tuesday and can't shake it off and have been off work the past two days and no energy to move. My blood test results came back with the deficiency again yesterday and I started my two week course of injections today. It takes a few weeks for them to kick in but I CANNOT WAIT to see how good I feel once they do!!!

I am hoping that I will be in a position to start raving about how fit I feel and great I look etc and what a wonderful thing not smoking is!!! ... I can start to get excited now and I also deserve to pat myself on the back as I have actually been running on pretty low batteries for a few months unaware and still achieved this quit.

YIPPEE ... it s all good ahead!!

Here's to a little more energy ... and hopefully a little less food ha ha ha!! ;)



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Jodi, 7 weeks is fantastic and i'm so sorry you haven't been able to enjoy the rewards. But not for long though eh. Before long you'll be enjoying some good long walks sucking in all that lovely fresh air.

All that extra energy you'll have, you won't have to worry about a little extra food. Enjoy!

Lorraine :)


Jodie....you poor love...it really can be so rough.

Giving up smoking can be bad for your health....:eek::eek: now that's ironic!!




So glad that you are on the road to recovery.

I am sometimes guilty of coming across as though this has been a breeze. A guy at work said to me that I made 'quitting' look as though it was no big deal. EH HEM 'EXCUSE ME' ... I soon put him right! :p He can be forgiven as he has never smoked. :rolleyes:

I have certainly had ups and downs. The downs are getting less and less but the bloomin quit zits are still hovering around!

My way of dealing with cravings is to focus on the positives to fuel my will power. It works for me :D

I hope you feel better soon

Well done on your quit x


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