14 weeks today!

Well.... i've managed to make 14 weeks.... Hurraaah!

Still my longest quit to date.... i've stopped craving (mostly) and am generally rather happy about it all.

I have more comrades in my quit now. A friend has stopped a couple of weeks ago, and another friend found out she was pregnant, so she stopped and her OH stopped in support! How fab!

How is everyone else doing?

Lots of Love


xxxx :)

6 Replies

  • 14 weeks :) WELL DONE YOU!!!!

    Really good to read your doing great now and the cravings have got to that almost unnoticeable stage. Great when it gets like that .. makes quitting alot easier.

    Keep going and congrats on 14 weeks :)


  • Well done you, 14 weeks is brilliant. I think you may have spread some no-smoking magic around and your friend caught it.


  • Congratulations Zozie. 14 weeks is a brilliant achievement and you are now officially inspirational (but we always knew you were anyway).:D:):)

    L xx

  • wtg Zozie, u r doing so well.....hard to believe it is over 3 months....wahoooo

  • congratulations zozie and i bet you are so proud

  • GO Zozie....well done my love....

    Happy boinging


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